Our Partner Projects

The core ambition of MIGPOL is to promote academic projects in the field of comparative migration policy research. We support the work of our partner projects and make their data available to a wide audience of scholars and students.

The projects that we collaborate with either collect primary data themselves or generate aggregations and syntheses based on existing datasets. MIGPOL provides a joint codebook and infrastructure for all partner projects. Every information is provided in a way so that credit is given exclusively to the original creators of the datasets and not to the MIGPOL project itself. We always make sure to consult our partners before uploading or changing any information in order to mirror the original datasets as accurately as possible.

We cooperate with projects that collect their data in accordance with the highest academic standards in the field of comparative migration policy research.  All projects presented on this webpage generate data that has been published in peer-reviewed academic books and articles. More details can be found in our cooperation guidelines.

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We are always curious about new projects in comparative migration policy research

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